Monday, March 12, 2018

Mail It Monday

"Happiness is receiving unexpected mail."

Photo by JKutz Photography ,
a dear friend of mine who has the most amazing family and takes the most amazing photographs!

So my personal card-mailing as been on a hiatus due to well, life. I had to tell myself, its ok to not constantly be mailing cards. Its ok for you too. Even if you have not mailed a card in months, no time like the present to throw stamps on a few cards and mail them today! 

Miss O here is all about mailing anything. She is also ALL about getting happy mail too! Don't forget to involve your littles, your own, or any littles in your life. Pass the joy of giving and receiving on to them. Plus, when they are excited, its contagious! And we all need more of that energy in our lives!

Happy mailing, my friends. <3 p="">

Sincerely Yours,

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