Friday, December 1, 2017

Christmas Countdown - FREE download

Welcome to December! I can hardly believe it myself. Today is the day to start the Christmas Countdown calendars. Wait, you forgot? You didn't plan one? I am here to help! The FREE printables I am posting today will set your calendar up quickly. :D

A couple of years ago, I put together these little cards for our countdown calendar. I had been using Bible verses for each day, along with a silly joke. The way they were set up was miserable for me. I mean, who has time to cut out a million tiny strips of paper? So, I made these easy to cut apart boxes and combined everything into one. Simple at the holidays is a very good thing.

The Bible verses go from prophesy in Isaiah and John, to the Christmas Story in Luke. They are a beautiful reminder of the true reason we celebrate this season, Jesus. The original list can be found HERE, at the 35th Avenue Blog.

The jokes are pure silliness that I found all over the internet. Perfect for littles and even bigs who like to laugh or groan at punny humor.

There is a square for each day of December, up until December 24. In each of the squares, I put a small candy. (These Hershey Kisses Mint Truffles are heavenly.) Some days he gets a small gift, usually an iTunes card, or fun pencils. Closer to the end of the countdown, he gets his ornament for the year. 

These are nothing fancy, so if you want to dress them up, go for it! They are both FREE for you to download and print. Enjoy them! I hope that they bring the true meaning of Christmas into your home and also bring some holiday cheer!

Download Page 1 HERE: Christmas Countdown Page 1
Download Page 2 HERE: Christmas Countdown Page 2

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Kandi S. Kwirant said...

Thank you for these, my granddaughters will enjoy these.

Where did you get your unit with the drawers, it is adorable.

Thanks again for sharing.


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