Monday, October 23, 2017

Mail It Monday: mail-able treat ideas for Halloween

Its Mail It Monday! Doesn't this brighten your Monday?! It sure does mine. Especially when I see your photos and read your comments about how thoughtful you all are when you send cards! I am so blessed by them all, which encourages me to mail even more! Today I am mailing 12 cards. 12! Its unheard of for me. And it makes me so, so happy!

I have some very sweet littles in my life, including my nephew. I wanted to surprise them with some fun Halloween mail. Remember as a kid how you hoped every day that there would be mail for you?! And how great it felt when there was something for you?! I knew I needed to mail them cards!

While I really didn't have any Halloween supplies suitable to make cards in my stash, I did see a cute pack of cards at Hallmark. No shame in store bought my friends! Its the thought and sending happy mail that matters.

I wanted to include some small treats in my cards, something that was mail-able and would not add too much bulk. After much searching, I saw an ad on Instagram for Wendy's Frosty coupon books. (That was definitely the first, and most likely the last, useful web ad...ha!) And at $1 a book, affordable. I also found a box of Halloween temporary tattoos. Another super find!

Off my cards go to make a kiddo's day. Seriously, the best feeling ever!! Keep sending love and sending cards!! <3 p="">

 Sincerely Yours,


Kreative Kymona said...

Awesome!!! My nieces and nephews would love this!! Thanks for sharing!!

Marjorie DUMONTlER said...

These little ones of yours are gonna like that mail !!

Celeste Goff said...

So super cute!

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