Monday, June 19, 2017

connecting with card making and sending

On my journey to send more cards, to make them more meaningful, I found this little treasure of a book; The Art of the Handwritten Note by Margaret Shepherd. Much of the book focuses in on using your own handwriting (which is important too) but I chose to look at it from the view of a hand made card. The book is full of great tips and ideas for reclaiming the lost art of writing notes, for all occasions. Much of what she wrote spoke to me and I look forward to sharing quotes and lines from the book with you. To inspire you to make cards personal. To send your heart.

"A note gives you the opportunity 
to stay connected with people you care about, 
in ways you might not have thought about."


Teresa Doyle said...

Just lovely. Yes, it has become a "lost art". There is NOTHING that says,'I am thinking of you' like a personalized note! TFS!

creatingincolors said...

I must get that book. A majority of the cards I make are left blank inside (or I only use a very small embellishment inside) because I write personal notes/letters for all occasions. It breaks my heart to see texting used for thank you notes, birthday wishes, etc, and I do all I can to encourage handwritten letters and cards. Thanks for sharing.

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