Saturday, August 27, 2016

two creative ways to use your embossing folders and stencils

I'm directing you to the Carta Bella blog today to check out two pretty cool tutorials I have created for you. The first one is a fantastic way to use your embossing folders to create a faux letterpress look. When ink is added to an embossing folder before it is passed through a manual die cutting machine, it creates impressive (no pun intended) results! Look at the world map on the background of this card! 

For a tutorial visit: Designer Embossing Folders

Personal the photo there are two pieces sitting on the book. The first one is a watch. That is the watch I gave my husband the day we got married, 17 years ago. The other is a monogrammed tie clip that belonged to my beloved grandpa. He died before he even met my husband, but they remind me of each other in so many ways, not just the fact that they were both electrical engineers. I miss my grandpa terribly. This past spring, we were at a family wedding and the little man wanted to wear a tie. It was the perfect time to give him the tie clip. Wouldn't my grandpa be proud? 

This card is also in an antique or heritage look and I love the grey tones! For this card's background, I embossed patterned paper with a stencil. You know that is one of my favorite techniques for a stencil! I took it one step farther and sanded off the raised edges of the patterned paper! How beautiful is that?!

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Nora N. said...

These cards are lovely!! I love all the layering and the way you sued the embossing in the background of the first card. I love that you mentioned the meaning behind the watch and the tie clip. Pieces like this are wonderful to have. Your second card is really neat with the white edges on the embossed images. The way you distressed the edges of the background and the pretty gray color you used gives the vintage feel you were looking for. Great design!!

donna mikasa said...

Beautiful cards--I especially love the sanding of the embossing on the second card, and the story behind the props on the first card.

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