Thursday, September 3, 2015

chore chart, when life meets paper crafting

Chore Chart. We all need them for our kiddos. In our family there are jobs that you are expected to do because we take care of our family. And then there are jobs where you are looking to make some cash to buy that new Lego set or video game. :) That second situation is where a Chore Chart comes in handy. The idea of the Chore Chart is to put cash with a specific job. But only after all the required jobs are completed. Take a card, complete the job, take the cash.

My husband and I have been discussing the need for this for some time and then the idea struck me while working on projects for Jillibean Soup. Why not make one and make it pretty?! I grabbed a Large Receipt Holder and started creating. The Large Receipt Holder measures about 8x12."

Because I was planning on this hanging in the kitchen, I grabbed supplies that would coordinate with the decor going on in our house. And of course all things Jillibean Soup fit that bill perfectly. First problem to solve was how to hold the cash in place. Now the springs that you can see here do hold things down, but I wanted to add a more practical way to hold the money. Enter Chevron Mini Bags. This package contains ten bags. Bags that fit beautifully underneath the springs of the receipt holder. The cash is folded in half, so you have a better idea of the size. 

To add some color and stick with the number theme, I applied Wild Cherry ink to the number Mini Placemat. The placemats are white, allowing you to stamp or ink to make it coordinate with your project.

Die Cut File Cards were the answer to labeling each bag with a job. I used Mini Alpha stickers to label each tag, but you could easily use a pen. I will be making quite a few of these File Cards, so that jobs can be changed or added as needed. That and I didn't think that the litter box card would be all that Pinterest worthy. :)

The dollar amounts are subject to change, but for now, to label each job file card, I used Bean Board Alphas in Roma Red. These alphas are pretty cool because they have a plastic feel to them. I am kind of addicted.

Behind each job file card I added some star embellishments with Kraft Tags Circles. The star tags worked well because stars are pretty prevalent in our house. (along with kraft and vintage and red...) Behind each star, I used some patterned paper from Spicy Social Soup. Three Parts Friends has people on it. Fitting for a family chore chart. And its red. Bonus!

Labeling the chart at the bottom are more of the Bean Board Alphas in Roma Red. The set comes with upper and lower case letters, and numbers. The lower case seemed to fit better across this project.

And one last touch, this Notebook Tag. A little reminder of how great we think our little man is. He is a huge help around the house, even without the financial rewards. We are happy to give him a little extra cash for going above and beyond. Who's ready to make a Chore Chart for their kiddos?

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Rae Barthel said...

LOVE this!!! such a great idea, and of course, beautifully executed!! xoxo

Michele Henderson said...

What a fabulous idea! I love everything about it, and I bet any kid for hire would too! Great colors and layers too!
Take care!

Rebecca Ednie said...

Great idea! I wish all my kids were old enough for this to work.

Jean Bullock said...

LOL, what a cute idea! If I were to do it, I would put coupons for fun activities in the pockets instead of money. For instance: a visit to an ice cream store, extra time for video play, points for them to earn a new video game or DVD etc..

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