Thursday, October 31, 2013

fun with Halloween food

Happy Halloween!!! We have been having fun with food at our house for the last few days and I thought I would share with you. These are all ideas gathered from cookbooks (Taste of Home) and Pinterest, and changed into something that worked for us. Its been a blast!

eyeballs alfredo and bones 
Eyeballs Alfredo and Bones

Nothing like adding candy eyes to meatballs for an easy spooky meal. The bones are bread sticks with the ends knotted. If you add some butter, garlic salt, and Parmesan cheese before you bake them, they take on a nice brown color.

  candy corn quesadillas
Candy Corn Quesadillas

Make a quesadilla. Add cheese to the top and melt it. Sprinkle part with crushed Doritos and add sour cream to the ends.

ghost mashed potatoes in beef stew
Ghost mashed potatoes on beef stew

We love Pioneer Woman's beef stew. For a Halloween look, I added mashed potatoes. Its easy to do, just put the potatoes in a plastic baggie, cut one corner and pipe. The eyes are cookie decorating candies.

pumpkin sloppy joes 
Pumpkin Sloppy Joes

Another Pioneer Woman recipe. I would recommend a cookie cutter for creating these pumpkin cheese slices. Cutting them by hand with a knife was time consuming!

  goblin eye balls 
Goblin Eyeballs

These are kinda gross. But a certain 7 year old thought they were "COOL!" Boil eggs normally and set aside to cool. Then crack the shells, but leave them in place. Add food coloring to warm water and set the eggs in the water for 30 minutes. Then peel. The results are gross, but pretty amazing. The insides are normal deviled eggs with green food coloring added.

  mummy dogs
Mummy Dogs

A good, old classic. Mummy dogs. Not the prettiest ones ever. I will be using bread sticks next year and doing a waaaaay better job wrapping these up!

monster mixers
Monster Mixers

The cups were decorated with vinyl I cut with my Silhouette Cameo (#49423). Quick and easy! The treat inside is a chocolate milkshake. And for fun, we chopped up mini candy bars from the Halloween stash.

spooky breakfast
Spooky Breakfast

Halloween morning was a lesson learned. DO NOT add food coloring to pancakes (especially at 6 am...)! It changes the consistency and the taste. I would recommend Wilton color paste instead.

creepy teeth
Creepy Teeth

These were my favorite part of breakfast this morning! Creepy and tasty. Even my hubby thought these were cool. Cut an apple into quarters. Cut a notch out of the center of each quarter. Add slivered almonds for the teeth.

Have a Happy Halloween! Be safe!

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