Friday, July 5, 2013

number one cool guy

number one cool guy by Kimberly Crawford
Making cards with boys and guys in mind. Not as easy as one would think. I live with all boys, one would think I would have SOMETHING manly in my stash. No. Not really. Flowers, bright girly colors and more. Apparently its all about getting to be girly with my supplies! :)

Fortunately, I had this darling scrapbooking kit from Echo Park Paper Co set aside for layouts of the little man. The line is called Scoot. Here I paired the 6x6 pad with some of the great stickers from the 12x12 side of things. Pick these up when you are grabbing the 6x6 pads my card-making friends. You won’t regret it. Always an embellishment to coordinate. Makes for fast cards. And cute ones, too.

Ok, so I did cave and add a touch of girl with some enamel dots, but they are bright and bold yellow. That has to be somewhat ok, right? The little man agreed that yes, they were ok, ‘cause the wood airplane was SO cool. :)

And are you still noticing the trend? Rejected projects from pub calls. Yep, I get rejected A LOT. Its ok. I just keep on. And try and learn from what I have created. Take an honest look at it and critique myself gently. And move on to the next project. Plus, I have this great card to give to someone and make their day. THAT is the bestest part.

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Judy I, St. Louis MO said...

Well, the magazine's loss is our gain. I think it's a great boy card.

Mary Ann said...

Great card!!!Love it!!!

KellyCreates said...

I would NEVER reject your cards, Kimberly! LOL This one is awesome!

Janis said...

Well, one must admit that compliments from your blog-readers aren't nearly as exciting as a magazine calling you up and asking you to do an entire issue for them for a million dollars....but I love your wonderful projects.

Don't worry abt those rejections. You just keep creating for YOU and more and more of them will get published. And keep your blog coming!!

<3 J

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