Sunday, June 30, 2013

Reminder to Google Reader subscribers

Hi there! A last minute reminder for all of you wonderful Google Reader subscribers. There are a lot of you and the closing of Google Reader happens tonight!!! If you have not yet picked a new way to get your blogs in a feed service similar to Google Reader, I cannot recommend Feedly enough. Feedly knows that people are needing this service and have worked very hard to make this transition easy. I have been impressed. 

If you are a iPad or iPhone user, let me recommend an app called Newsify. It was hooked into Google Reader, but Feedly has taken over it as well. Pretty and simple and it is my way of reading all my blog feeds now. 

thanks for stopping by!!


1 comment:

Dorothy C. said...

Beautiful card! I have to say I am really enjoying and learning a lot from the videos you've added to your blog. Thanks so much.

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