Sunday, June 9, 2013

handwritten-style chalkboard writing tutorial

Chalkboard project hand lettering tutorial by Kimberly Crawford

I am SO excited about this post! One, I am excited about the new chalkboard that my husband made for our entry way. (Its about 2 feet by 4 feet. And will be hung this weekend.  ;)) Two, I had this crazy idea and it worked! Oh, I love when that happens!

So. I had this beautiful chalkboard, to which I wanted to add beautiful, handwritten quotes to. With real chalk. Dust and all. Sadly, my handwriting is not what it used to be (thank you RA and subsequent medications). Which got me thinking…I have these beautiful quotes from my Silhouette…what if I created a stencil by cutting one out of cardstock? Would it work?

With my Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L E-Z Dots Repositionable Refillable Adhesive it was possible!

Chalkboard hand lettering tutorial by Kimberly Crawford

Look at the results! (This is right after the stencil was removed, seriously.) I never could have imagined it would have worked out this well! If you want to know how, because I know you do, stop on over to the Crafty Power Blog and see the whole tutorial!

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Susie Wittwer said...

Wow. That is SO cool! Love it :)

Margie H said...

Lovin' this and KUDOS to you for not letting RA stop you from making this amazing idea happen!! Hope you are enjoying the summer so far. Can I assume that you will be at CHA? If so LMK!

Renee said...

Phenomenal idea!

Kathleen said...

Doesn't matter how you got the words on there - you got them there. Very inspirational. TFS

Linda said...

This is TOO fabulous!!

ps can your hubby make one for me too?! My hubs is NOT handy at all :( xx

Deirdre said...

Wow, wow, wow - love it. Off to see the full tutorial.

Rox-Ann said...

This is so awesome I love it!

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