Thursday, April 4, 2013

April Fool’s


Each year on April Fool’s day, I make fake dinner for E. Its fun to try and fool him and watch his face as he tries things out. This year’s menu included “sushi” and “cashew chicken stir fry.” I found the recipes at and adapted them to what supplies I had or could find at the store.


The “sushi” is cut pound cake that has been frosted, dipped in coconut, and wrapped with fruit by the foot. They were topped with cupcake decorations, food colored jam, Swedish fish, and softened Starburst.


The “cashew chicken stir fry” is dried apples, cashews, fruit roll up pepper stripes, and sunflower seeds pressed in fruit by the foot and trimmed to look like pea pods.


His reaction was hilarious! You could see on his face it started out as, well, maybe I will try this, but it looks weird…I will look closer…wait a minute… this isn’t real…”You guys got me! April Fool’s!” he shouted. Then hubby brought out the real Chinese food. But E was more than willing to try all the fun stuff!

hello by Kimberly Crawford

And a quick card. Again, my favorite papers from Fancy Pants Trend Setter. And see the dots on the left? Enamel Dots from My Mind’s Eye. Heaven. Pure heaven. I ordered them in many, many colors. Just a new and different embellishment to add to your projects.

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Jennifer K said...

What a fun idea for April Fool's. You're so good at that.

Judy I, St. Louis MO said...

Loved the sushi idea. That's the kind of sushi I'd eat. I wouldn't have been brave enough to try something like that when I was E's age. Great card. Those enamel dots are really cool.

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