Thursday, January 24, 2013



Stamp It 3 Ways is back! This has to be my favorite special issue from Paper Crafts Magazine! It never ceases to amaze me how different designers look at images! The creativity is astounding!! And working with different stamp companies is always a blast!

SI3 with love

Here is a quick look at one of my projects from the issue. Gourmet Rubber stamps Timeless Textures was used on this card, along with a little bit of washi tape.

(and someone needs to re-take pub photos when she gets the cards back…yikes…not pretty.)


And then THIS special issue from Paper Crafts; 75 Creative Card Challenges. WOWEE! How have I not shared this with you before?! Seriously, try each challenge. It will open your creativity like never before! Mine is dog-eared and written on because of all the ideas that came flowing through my brain while reading it!

Kimberly Crawford create stamp with foam Paper Crafts Stamp It

I love this card from the issue! It was for the Foam challenge. I decided to die cut foam and use it as a stamp! The effect was even cooler than I imagined!

So what has been inspiring you lately? Magazines? Blogs? Pinterest? Anything else? I would love to hear what has been getting your mojo moving!

thanks for stopping by!


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Diane said...

Congrats to you..but you are so talented, you coould a magazine just of your own!!! Great cards...and how fun!!

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