Monday, November 12, 2012

thank you to our veterans

Today’s gratitude goes without saying…thank you to all the men and women and families who sacrifice so much to keep our country safe! Wow, thanks just could never be enough, could it?

nov 12 006

(This photo is from my scrapbook.)

This is my Grandpa. He served during World War II. He was an electrical engineering instructor at West Point Academy in New York.

nov 12 001

This is my Grandpa Dick. He also served in the Army. He served overseas during The Korean War. I once asked him about the war and Korea and listening to his stories was completely amazing. The fear and courage they needed amidst all the beauty of the jungle. Its unreal that he was able to so vividly recall the scenery.

All of these photos are original. They were found in my Grandpa’s belongings after he died. They are also preserved in my scrapbooks. They were each labeled on the back, in his handwriting. And dated 1952.

nov 12 002


nov 12 003

My shack.

nov 12 004

Smoke Valley

From my research, it appears this would have been during July 1952. The smoke was used to stop visibility. More HERE

nov 12 005

Yangu Valley

Be sure and take the time to thank someone who has served, or to thank their family for their sacrifice.

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The personal stuff: The weekend surprise for my mom was perfect! She had no idea! Pretty sure I will never forget her, what? WHAT?! yell as the little man came around the corner into her office!! We had a great weekend of hanging out and shopping. Which I miss terribly! What else do moms and sisters do? :) I am now beat from 13+ hours of driving over the weekend and all the craziness. But it was totally worth it!

And a HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to all of you who voted for my card in the Paper Crafts Reader’s Choice Poll! It was chosen as one of the winners and will be published in the May/June 2013 issue!!! Thank you for taking the time to vote!!! :) You are all the bestest readers ever!!




cjgusloff57 said... glad your card won! I voted for you too! Also enjoyed the pictures of your grandfathers and their stories while in the service of our country. We can never thank any of our Veterans enough times for their service. I had two uncles that served in WWII and my own husband was in the Army for two years during the end of the Korean War, but was stationed in England on a Air Force Base. Back in the 50's, specifically 1954, a lot of the young men who graduated from high school, went into the service
as the draft was still going on at that time. So a lot of our guy friends went into the service of their choice rather than be drafted. Enjoy your cards and posts. Corrine Ann

Diane said...

Congrats, I voted for you, not a hardship at all, as it was a "winner" in my eyes....can you tell I am catching up on all my visits...wonderful post for Veterns Day, too...I think sometimes (most of the time) we all need to be reminded of what was...and what is and appreciate every vetern then and now!!

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