Friday, September 21, 2012

photos on Friday

Sept 8 004

This is what my living room looks like at any given time. Completely strewn with Legos. Glad there is creativity happening, but watch where you step!

Oh, hey, all of these were taken with my iPhone. Then I put them in Instagram (photo app) and have fun adding frames.

Sept 8 015

And its hard to be mad at this face and his excitement.

Sept 8 011

We have become addicted to the local hibachi restaurant. Lunch time on the weekends is the best. It might just be the yum yum sauce…

Sept 10 017

We have been picking apples. The Jonathon apples here are fantastic for eating, but also baking.  Our local orchard is a wonderful little family-run place, Allen Orchard. Its just a few minutes away. We are waiting for pears next!

Sept 10 025

We attended an outdoor concert, for the second year, on the lawn of  Brucemore Mansion here in Cedar Rapids. Orchestra Iowa performs a pops concert. This year’s selections were from Gershwin and Ferde Grofe. And there was a special treat because the Quad Cities Ballet performed as well. Its such a fun evening. Everyone arrives early with picnic baskets and chairs. People even bring tables! Its fun to see all the fun foods people pack, from cheese and wine to soups and take out!

The little man begins his Boy Scouting adventure this week. His first Tiger Cub meeting is Monday. And we began selling popcorn this weekend. He is giddy about the whole thing. And so is my husband (Eagle Scout). Watching your husband and son bond over something is truly amazing and it melts my heart to watch them. The little man is one lucky boy!

Such is the busy life in the Crawford household! :) The Enbrel is helping greatly and getting back to being me is wonderful! Its going to take awhile to trust the meds, to trust that I can start living again. I will also have to listen to my body and take it easy when needed. All in all, things are good. Very good. Each day is truly a gift.

Have a wonderful weekend! thanks for stopping by!



cjgusloff57 said...

Enjoyed your Friday photo post today! It is so great to hear of the good things happening in the Crawford household. May your meds continue to improve your health so you can enjoy your life, your family and all the things that you like to do.
Corrine Ann

Jennifer K said...

I agree about the Allen Orchard. I've been going for years and it's great. I think this weekend I'm going to get enough to make 1-2 dozen pints of applesauce plus a dozen quarts of apple pie filling. Yum! So glad to hear the medicine is working for you. :)

a1983alaskan said...

The first photo of lego "wonderland" reminded me so much of the days when my ds had his out and about. Funny how Legos are timeless :-)
I'm so glad to hear the med is helping you. :-)

coolnana72 said...

So glad that you are feeling better. I have been on Cellcept, plaquenil, and Enbril for about 4 years now I am now feeling great. It took about 8 months, though, after staring all of the meds for me to be almost pain free and to see an increase in my energy level. I still have "my days" once in awhile (usually after over-doing it" the day before)so you are right about having to listen to your body. Great pics of your son. About the legos--been there dont that :)

Carolyn King said...

Love these pics of your everyday life. So so glad that you are getting relief (finally!) xoxo

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