Friday, December 9, 2011

photos on Friday

in a hat v3

A photo of the little man in our yard. I loved catching him throw me this look over his shoulder! (MCP actions used.)

Well, the last week has been complete insanity in our house. I had a major project to ship, 5 art projects to make and ship, I broke my middle toe, the little man was sick and needed to go to the doctor, we attended the city Christmas party in the park, took the little man back to the doctor for uber-pricey antibiotics, hubby had a business trip, oh and I hosted a tasting party at our house… so, yes I took a much-needed nap yesterday. Needless to say, there hasn’t been much photo taking or creating going on. That will change, I promise! :)

And let me send out a huge thank you for all of you that congratulated me on my new gig at CardMaker Magazine! Your comments and emails were so greatly appreciated! I am very blessed with wonderful friends and kind and thoughtful paper crafters in my life!

Have a wonderful weekend! thanks for stopping by!


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Rox-Ann said...

Love this photo!

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