Tuesday, November 1, 2011

month of gratitude

Last November I participated in a month of gratitude. For each day of the month I expressed gratitude for all the blessings, big and small, that I have in my life. It was a wonderful project for me and I recently found out that it was for some of you as well. So, again, this month, I will be posting something everyday that I am grateful for. A couple of days might be posted together, but that’s ok. I hope that you will join me. Either on your own blog, or in a journal that you keep, or any way that works for you.

November 1

Today I am grateful for email. Not the junk ones, although coupons are great, but for the encouraging messages that I am so fortunate to receive. Some days we all wonder if what we are doing is the right path for us. Some days its hard to see God’s plan for our lives. Am I really following His path or my own? Yesterday, a beautifully-souled woman emailed me about her experience with last year’s month of gratitude. Let me just say that doing something so easy, caused a ripple effect and touched several lives in return. Could you ask for any more? To spread His love to those you have never met? I am so blessed today. I am so overwhelmed by God’s goodness and timing. Be encouraged in His love for you today, my dear readers.

thanks for stopping by!



Carol E said...

Thank you for this wonderful project. I'm grateful every day just to wake up and know that I've been blessed with another day. I can't wait to write in my journal what I'm so grateful for every day.

Miranda said...

What an awesome project Kimberly, I think I will play along with you! :)

Danielle said...

This is an awesome project! I have a small journal next to my bed that I never used. I think starting tonight, I will journal what I am grateful for each day. Who knows, .i may even take a few photos and turn it into a mini.

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