Friday, November 11, 2011

gratitude and photo Friday

berries 2 WM

I love berries. Probably because they are red.

Nov 8

For the right to vote. So many gave their lives for this freedom. It’s a responsibility that I am grateful for and one to pass on to the little man as an important part of his citizenship.

Nov 9

For my Graceful Parenting Bible study. This group meets twice a month and we are all moms of elementary aged children. Such a wonderful group! Its nice to know that you aren’t the only one dealing with issues and concerns and fears. Our speakers have been wonderful-full of encouragement and inspiring ideas to try at home. I recommend that everyone find a group of moms to meet with!

Nov 10

For music. I love music. Listening to it, singing, playing my piano. Its so moving and fills a place in my soul.

Nov 11

For our veterans. For our service men and women. For their families who also sacrifice. We honor you.

Have  a wonderful weekend! thanks for stopping by!


1 comment:

Charlene Austin said...

Kim, that is an amazing photo. it. What kind of lens do you have. Let me know k?

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