Friday, September 16, 2011

photos on Friday

may 2011 3 004
I went shopping at a local greenhouse and home d├ęcor store the other day and took some photos of pieces that I liked. I thought I would share them with you.
These pumpkins were cute all corrugated like cardboard. Love the wall hanging behind too.

may 2011 3 005
This wall hanging was screen printed onto burlap. Swoon! Wonder if that would work with ink and stamps?

may 2011 3 006
This cloche is lovely and delicate, but what really caught my eye was the burlap-wrapped votive candle holders, with text printed upon it. Definitely another idea to try!

may 2011 3 007
That is a stapler! Too pretty to use! It would look awesome in a home office.

may 2011 3 008
Faux carmel apples! Cute or kitschy? I can’t decide.

may 2011 3 009
Another item that was cute or weird. Little planters that look like ice cream cones. Maybe writing this out makes them just weird. :)

Hope you are inspired by something today! Have a super weekend! thanks for stopping by!



Carol E said...

Love the pictures especially the ice cream cone planters. Thanks for sharing.

Ida said...

Fun collection of objects from the store you visited. I like the "faux" caramel apples. I don't think the Ice Cream planters are weird either, just different.

Bev J. said...

Thanks for the tour-like the pumpkins-pretty items and thanks for sharing.

Charlene Austin said...

Faux caramel apples! Are you kidding me??.........Ca-ute!

How are you my friend?!

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