Friday, September 2, 2011

Photos on Friday

I thought it might be fun to start something new on the old blog. Photography has long been a passion of mine and I have been able to start learning more about it. And how to get better. So on Fridays, I will share some of my photos.

These photos were taken with my phone camera at a couple of the local antique shops here in Marion, IA. There is something inspiring and interesting about these shops and I love visiting them.

may 2011 134

may 2011 135

may 2011 136

may 2011 137

may 2011 138

may 2011 139

may 2011 140

may 2011 141

may 2011 142

may 2011 143

may 2011 144

may 2011 145

may 2011 146

may 2011 147

may 2011 148

may 2011 150

may 2011 151

may 2011 152

may 2011 153

may 2011 154

may 2011 155

may 2011 156
I hope you find some things that inspire your creativity! It was fun to share these with you! Have a wonderful weekend!

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Christine said...

Brilliant photos, adore that typewriter! I started Monday Morning photos recently, I think it is great to capture stuff weekly on a blog :)

Jennifer K said...

Great shots, Kimberly. I like the stores you're talking about - maybe I should take you to Monticello sometime. They have a great antique store there where DH and I have purchased lots of our furniture. Then, on the way home, we can stop at the General Store in Stone City for drinks/snacks. It's such a quaint little place along the Maquoketa river.

Elizabeth Allan said...

Great pics Kimberly... What did you buy? :0) Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

Holly - Wild Wyoming Art Cafe' said...

You are totally making me miss Iowa! Love these pics.

katrynka said...

It is funny to see the card catalog drawers! I was just in a local second hand store and saw a little 4 drawer catalog! I really wanted it, but not really sure where I would put it, so I did not get it. But I might go back tomorrow!!

Lynne said...

great pics thanks so much.
Lynne B

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