Saturday, July 23, 2011

home again, home again, jiggity jig

Hello everyone! The craziness in our house has come to a bit of a rest. After being gone for 19 days this month, I am very happy to be home and content to stay for quite some time. We started the month off in Minnesota with my parents enjoying time on the lake and having fun on the 4th of July. Then we joined my in laws and brother and sister in law for a family vacation in the Black Hills of South Dakota. We did all the great touristy things, including Mount Rushmore, riding an old steam engine train, and panning for gold. Upon returning from that adventure, I headed toward Chicago for the CHA-Summer show. The Spellbinders booth was busy and full of amazing new product and artwork! It was wonderful to see many friends. Its become our every six month date! Hahaha!

A bit of drama happened the night I returned, we had a huge thunderstorm, which knocked out our power. With all that rain and no power, the sump pump could not keep up and we awoke to a very, very wet lower level. (which is 95% carpeted) The cleaning service is on it, but our house is noisy with all the fans and dehumidifiers. And, my office is down there, so no crafting for at least a week. What a mess! Luckily, it only appears that the carpet is the victim. Turns out, me having to organize everything into a plastic storage box, isn’t such a bad thing. Its frustrating, but our neighbors have it much worse, so we are thankful.

I am going to work on getting a CHA post together for you. Working the whole show, I didn’t take many photos, but I do have a list of my favorite new products to share.

thanks for stopping by!



Christine said...

I hope you get dried out soon! Your trip away to all those lovely places sounds heavenly - one day I'd like to travel to those... x

Holly - Wild Wyoming Art Cafe' said...

Eeaack! Oh no Kimberly. Hope you get everything dry soon. I was so exhausted when I got home...thinking about having to deal with something like that does not sound fun. Hang in there.

Lisa Carroll said...

I'm so sorry to read this, Kim. :( Our situation was different, but I'm ALL TOO FAMILIAR with the sounds of roaring fans and industrial de-humidifiers, thanks to significant water damage. I had to listen to ours for 3 WEEKS, and it the damage was in our living room, no less. So I can certainly sympathize... so glad none of your crafting items were destroyed! Hang in there... normalcy will return! Hugs. :)

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