Monday, July 4, 2011


Happy 4th of July!!!

Bleeding Hearts 1 WM

My aunt and uncle bought a digital photo frame for my grandma. Its great because we can upload photos and then she can look at them all the time. She is doing so great in her new apartment and its such a relief knowing that she is surrounded by people all the time. But, she misses her gardens, and so do we! Her and my grandfather had quite the green thumbs. Their gardens were amazing. I am very grateful to have taken photos of their flowers through the years. As we head to be with them for the 4th, I am bringing these photos to add to her collection.

Bleeding Hearts 2

More bleeding hearts. Where we used to live, these were usually the first flowers of spring.

Chinese Red Peony 1 WM

Chinese Red Peony

Chinese Red Peony 4 WM

Same bunch.

Tiger Lily WM
Tiger Lily. Love these!

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Melinda Gleissner said...

What a sweet, thoughtful gift! Hope it's a great day.

Rox-Ann said...

Beautiful flowers I know your Grandma will be very happy with these such a great way to remember their beauty. Awesome gift.

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