Friday, April 29, 2011

publication tips

One of the things that I hope I do on this blog, is encourage my readers. Encourage you to create and try something new. And now, I want to encourage you in your attempt to get published. If its not your goal, that is a-okay. But if its something that you are striving to achieve, maybe these tips can help you. Having some success in the publishing world, these are things that I personally keep in mind when creating for a call.

1. Do your bestest work. (word from the little man :)) Make sure your edges are even. Your score is even, clean, and the edges of your score are not torn or bumpy. Stamp evenly, if one of your letters or part of an image is lighter, or even darker, in places, re-stamp it. Don’t let your adhesive show through.

2. Submit. Submit. Submit.

3. Take clear photos. Make sure your image is in focus. The best lighting you can give yourself is in front of a window. Make sure your image is the correct size requested. Don’t clog up the editor’s email with your too-large photos.

4. Follow directions. Does your card really match the call? Does your project clearly illustrate the theme? Did you submit to the proper place? Did you submit on time?

5. Is your project hip? You don’t have to use the latest and greatest product to get published. But you do have to use product in a unique and inventive way.

6. Submit. Submit. Submit.

7. Don’t take rejection personally. Everyone gets rejected. It seems very often my favorite cards don’t get picked up. Its ok. Sometimes you didn’t use the colors the editors envisioned for the article, or even the whole issue. (I have SO had that happen.) Sometimes your card just doesn’t “fit in” with the others that will be on the page.

8. Refer to 2 and 6.

9. Find a publication that matches your style. Head over to your local bookseller and check out all the magazines where you can submit your work. Find a publication that speaks to you and would love to have your work grace their pages.

10. Be yourself. Find your own style and stick with it. Use what you love. Because if it doesn’t get picked up, you still have a project that makes you happy. And something to share on your blog. :)

When you do get picked up, after the happy dance, of course:

1. Be gracious and be on time! Send a quick thank you response to the editor who chose your project. And send the project in on time. Also, follow whatever directions are given to you, like labeling your projects and typing the correct information that the editors will need.

2. Do not share your project online, until you are given permission. (Each magazine has its own policy, which will be disclosed once your project is picked up.) But once you can, shout your excitement from the rooftops! Promote the issue and the magazine in general. Its appreciated!

If you want to get published, I hope you find these tips helpful. And I am encouraging you to give it a try! Once upon a time, I never, ever, ever, ever dreamed that my cards could be in a magazine. Yes, there have been rejections and bumps in the road, but for me, it was worth it!!

cheering you on!! thanks for stopping by!


Angela Fehr said...

Thanks for sharing this, Kim! These tips have worked for me. I find that submitting for publication always pushes me to do my best work and whether I'm accepted or not, I love the finished product!

Sarah said...

Great advice, Kim. I especially like numbers 2, 6, and 8.

Christine said...

Super advice thank you. The whole publishing card thing is very new to me so I'm grateful.

kathy s said...

Have thought about trying out for publishing but have never been game enough thanks for the tips maybe will get the nerve to try out soon.

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