Sunday, February 6, 2011

unexpected adventures

Hello all my wonderful readers!! I hope that you have been having a wonderful week!

My life has been on a very unexpected adventure!! CHA in Los Angeles was wonderful! It was very busy working in the Spellbinders Paper Arts booth. I got to sneak away to see a little bit of the show, and I will bring you some photos later. However, Snowmaggedon, or whatever you want to call that massive snowstorm, had other plans for me. Instead of returning to Iowa as planned, I was stuck in California for a few extra days. Now, I know what you are thinking, hmmm, stuck in sunny, warm CA, avoiding the bitter cold back in IA, what is wrong with that? Nothing, because we made a great adventure out of it, but it was tough to not get home to my hubby and son as expected. All I can say is, I am so thankful that we were able to get home when we did. The little man’s 5th birthday was yesterday and I didn’t want to miss that for anything!! :)

My hubby is amazing! The house looked fabulous when I returned. (And a huge thanks to my MIL for all her help too!) The little man got sick on day 2 and ended up with a strange sinus lining infection. He has been so miserable. But antibiotics and some allergy medicine seem to be returning him to normal.

Its going to take forever to make up being gone for 9 days…this week brings a return to school, swimming lessons, Kindergarten parent teacher meeting (oh my aching heart), deadlines, and a very, very, very important first-time friend birthday party for a certain little man. :)

I hope to bring you lots of photos, just as soon as I can! thanks for stopping by!

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Heather said...

as my mother in law says (about california) our budget may be a mess but we still have the best weather.
can't wait to see pictures from CHA! And glad you got home safely.

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