Tuesday, February 22, 2011

agony and suffering in California

Manhattan Beach

Day two of our “extra CHA adventure” was truly filled with suffering. :) Once again, I really do have to thank Spellbinders for taking good care of us while we were waiting out the storm. And am so thankful for Cathy for being heads up enough to book a hotel room!!

We took a trolley down to Manhattan Beach in Santa Monica for the day. I’d like to say we ran down to the Pacific Ocean first, but, you can see what held us back in the next photos. :)

Cupcake Couture signage

Cupcakes Couture of Manhattan Beach was right at our first trolley stop. You can’t not stop!! :) They recently participated in Cupcake Wars on The Food Network. How cool is that?

Cupcake Couture selection

The shop was fabulously decorated and these amazing creations just contributed to the feel. The decision was difficult, to say the least!

Cupcake Couture Cupcakes on table

We finally narrowed it down. And of course, before eating, the cupcakes needed their own photo shoot. :) I wish I would have brought my Canon…but these phone photos worked out ok. My cupcake is the front one. It was Mint Chocolate Chip. Yummy. The frosting was light as air and peppermint flavored. The dark chocolate cake was moist and there was a filling of mint chocolate chip ganache in the center.

Wahoo Fish Taco signage

It appears that all we did was eat that day…we did a lot of walking. A lot. So we didn’t feel so bad. :) Lunch was Wahoo’s Fish Taco. Another yummy!

Wahoo Taco lunch 1

Fresh chips and guacamole. Fish tacos that were delish.

Wahoo Taco lunch 2

But my hands down favorite was the shrimp taco. The shrimp were spicy and tender. Mixed with the cabbage and fresh pico de gallo, it was something I would seek out to eat again!

Anthropology 1

We shopped our way around Santa Monica (anyone else have that Sheryl Crow song in their head? :)). A stop at Anthropology was full of inspiration. Spring was alive everywhere. I was loving the succulents that were decorating every inch of the front of the store.

Anthropology 2

This chair needs to come to my house. I have a thing for subway art right now… :)

Beth Pingry has some more photos and silliness (at least on my part :)) on her blog. Pop on over and see photos of all the trims and fabrics we looked at in the Fashion District.

Have a fantastic day and thanks for stopping by!


Rae Barthel said...

how fun!!! miss you, girl ;)

Amy Heller said...

Pure torture!! LOL Hugs!

Beth said...

Tee Hee! Lets do it again next time!! It was a blast!

Heather said...

this just makes me want to drive the 5 hours to southern california right now!!

TeresaAngelina said...

think my favorite shot is the one with the blue pottery, dishes and plants - nicely captured!

Deebi27 said...

Thanks for eating MY favorite of the cupcakes! (Lol) I just had an ice cream cone with a big dip of Fresh Coconut (tasts like coconut creme pie) and the a BIGGER dip on Mint Chocolate Chip 2 days ago! YUM-YUM! Sounds like the extra days were very well spent!

justme1972 said...

So glad to hear you are being brave and strong and enduring your time and sightseeing the best you can!!!!



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