Monday, June 14, 2010

FaveCrafts and Mint Monday

FaveCrafts is a site that I mentioned to you a week or so ago. Chalk full of amazing crafting ideas for any and all occasions. You could get lost in there for hours! Another thing they do, is publish an e-book. The latest edition of their e-book is called, Father’s Day Crafts: The Bloggers Edition. Fabulous e-book with some very clever ideas by some very talented bloggers. I am thrilled to say that my Burgers for Dad project is in it!


You can find FaveCrafts HERE and the link to the FREE download of the issue HERE. Yep, free! :)

And here is a little peek at my Burgers for Dad project, with a link to the post HERE

Burgers for Dad


And some fantastic eye candy for you from lovely women using Mint Motif stamps:

Things have been busy around here. I am excited to say that the July release for Mint Motif is well on its way and both sets have a name! :) Yay! Its so time consuming, I had no idea all the work that goes in behind the scenes. It definitely makes me appreciate all the hard work all the stamp designers put in. Hope you had a wonderful weekend and are starting to settle into the summer routines. thanks for stopping by!!


Beth said...

Kimberly,Kimberly,Kimberly!!!!! Why oh why did you have to post that FaveCrafts site????? I don't spend NEAR enough time reading blogs....I needed a site like that to add to my reading time!!!!!! It looks like an awesome site! Thanks!... I think...;)

BonnieRose said...

I can't wait to see the new sets.. and I put up a MINT MOTIF post on my blog this morning too! Just a simple cas card, but I love it! xo

Kathy Martin said...

LOL What a cool Father's Day gift...funny! :)

vickiekurt said...

Well begun is half done. ............................................................

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