Friday, April 16, 2010


This is a scheduled post, as I am in Arizona at the Spellbinders design team retreat.

So many of you email and ask about how I organize my crafty space…well, things are a little upside down right now with life in the townhouse, but I will show you what I have going on and hopefully give you some ideas to help out your own space.

Junk on the table

Let’s start with my junk on the table. :) I leave my often used tools right next to me. Sometimes the pile is larger…See the mug? On my first day of teaching, my hubby, who was barely my boyfriend then, sent me flowers in it. My dad knew he was the one the day I brought them home! :)

Paper Storage

I store all my 12x12 paper in Cropper Hoppers. I have labeled the tabs with my Dymo label maker. Its easy for me to flip though the papers. The papers are organized by brand. Its just the way my brain works. Sorting by color just didn’t work for me.

6x6 Paper Storage

The 6x6 and 8x8 paper pads are held up with a book end. Easy grabbing this way. Its also a great place to set my Spellbinders master mats. Putting my machine up there, its right in front of me, for easy grabbing.

Copic Storage

This is new. I picked up this set of five drawers at Wal-Mart. The markers fit perfectly. In the top drawer are the refills, blending pens, and water brush with blending solution. As I slowly add more markers, I will get more drawers and spread out the colors.

Spellbinders Storage

More Wal-Mart buys here. These are in the home storage section. They are obviously labeled for CD storage. Perfect for all my Spellbinders dies. And they stack!

Spellbinders Dies Storage

I keep all my dies and Nestabilities stored in CD cases. The magnets are pre-cut strips that are in packages in the crafting section of Wal-Mart. Three seems to do the trick. And when I have the small and large sets of squares, I put them both in the same case. One on the right and one on the left.

Spellbinders S5 die storage

The S5 dies from Spellbinders, like Labels 8 here, do not fit in CD cases, but I found thin DVD cases that worked well.

Stamp Storage

Some of my stamps go into CD cases and storage boxes.

Stamp Storage Shower Baskets

Others go into shower baskets from Target. These work well for my design teams. Easy to see and flip through.

Ink Storage

And finally my cube ink storage…I picked up this magnet board at Michael’s years ago on super clearance. It has a lovely rooster on the other side. :)

Ink Storage magnets

On the back of each ink pad is a magnetic strip. The same ones I use for my dies.

Ink Storage Chart

This is the ink color chart that also has magnets on it. It sticks to the other side of the board and makes for easy reference.

I should mention that I have several rolling drawer carts underneath my craft table. They hold all my chipboard, large stamps, large ink pads, embossing powders, flock, and all other randomness.

There you have it. Not glamorous, not pretty, nothing fancy. I buy things inexpensively, cause let’s face it, we want to buy more stamps and paper. But they work. And my space is where I work. Everything is at my reach and in its place. :) thanks so much for stopping by!


scotlacey said...

Thank you for sharing Kimberly. I am in the middle of packing my things to move, and as I go through this process I have been plotting and planning what and how I want to change things into a more efficient system. YOu have added some ideas to my plans.

neenie said...

Thanks for some "down home" useful information. I'm in the process of trying to organize my mountain of paper, stamps, Spellbinders, JR stuff and ink pads, etc. You've given me some good ideas. Thanks

Makiko Jones said...

Kimberly, I see a lot of ideas I can use from your organization tips! TFS~

Deebi27 said...

Thanks Kimberly, I do the CD thing with Spellbinders. I especially like the magnet idea for your distress inks...I think all my ink pads would like this idea :o) !!!

PierreJ_Goodell said...

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sarahmartina said...

I love your magnet ideas, Kim! :) I think I wanna try this. :)

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