Thursday, February 11, 2010


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You know how you see a product and go, oh, I NEED that! (So, yes I have a small issue with being organized and loving all things involving organization…) But when I saw the Bottle Caddy from Scrapcessories at CHA, I flipped with excitement!! I saw instant possibilities for all my new Stampendous embossing powders. (and trust me, when you see the new Painting with Powder technique, you will be buying more powders!)

Scrapcessories Bottle Caddy

Look at how perfectly they fit in the case!! YAY! I also love the way the tray is angled, making it easy to see the jars and reach them. This is also just the perfect size to sit on my desk, without taking up too much room.

Scrapcessories Bottle Caddy top view with stickles

The Bottle Caddy also holds Stickles and other small bottles-you could mix and match SO easily!!

Scrapcessories Bottle Caddy with lid

And the last feature I wanted to point out is the lid. It slides on the top and “locks” into place. This is going to be very valuable for me because in our temporary townhouse, my stamping room will be in the living room. Do you think I will need to keep the cat or the little man out of things more? :)

Stop on over to their website and see WHERE you can buy this and other products and sign up for their email newsletter because I know for a fact that there are some more great organization products coming before too long! They might be involving other products near and dear to my heart. :)

ETA: Oooh!! Look HERE! has all their products!!!

thanks Scrapcessories!! and thanks for stopping by!


Gina said...

Kim, do you think that you could come over here and help organize me??? I could so use the help! LOL :)

Puddle Jumpers Studio said...

this is a wonderful thing. Thank you for letting us know. Organization is something I struggle with so any help is appreciated.LOL
Painting with embossing? Can't wait to hear about that.

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