Wednesday, October 28, 2009



Last night we decorated and carved pumpkins. The little man loves his Mr. Potato Head clown and pirate.


My husband got artistic and created this ghost from a pattern we found online. This was the first year we carved a pumpkin and the little man was not willing to stick his hands into the pumpkin. :) He did try the pumpkin seeds we roasted and wasn't too sure about those either! :)


We lit a candle (in a jar) first, so that the little man could see a candle-glowing pumpkin. But then I went and got a battery-powered set of LED lights from IKEA. We wrapped the lights around the candle jar. Safe and no worries about fire.

Ghosts in the Graveyard Sneak Peek

I cannot wait to share this project with you tomorrow!! It is my contribution to the Spellbinders and Tattered Angels blog hop that is going on this month. Make sure and stop back! thanks for stopping by!


Mel said...

Your little guy's smile says it all. Hugs.

Robbie said...

Though your projects are real cute, I want that little fella!! He is just adorable and makes me smile big and wide! How blessed you are!

Jane Wetzel said...

My "little man" is makes me miss this stuff all the more..he is SUPER cute and treasure these times...God Bless Kim.. :)

Rox-Ann said...

Super cute! Grandma loves the photos and I love the ghost!!

TerriD. said...

The photo of your little one put a big smile on my face. I can just hear him laughing with delight. I love Mr. Potato pumpkin too. Both are adorable. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Alice said...

Love the idea about the LED lights instead of a candle. My little guy and girl did not want to touch the pumpkin insides either! I work with ReadyMade and think you should check out some of their holiday crafts
as well.

Knitty said...

Your husband did a great job but your son's expression with Mr Potato Head Pumpkin is priceless.

Thank you for the advice on the paper cutter. I mention it here: and plan to use it this afternoon. A 40% off coupon at Michael's made it a great buy!

Gina said...

Kim, your little guy has gotten so big! We just came in from carving pumpkins . . . great idea with the LED lights, I wish there was an IKEA near me. :)

Jennifer Holmes said...

Ha! This is so cute! My daughter decided (out of the blue) that we need to roast pumpkin seeds, too. We'll see how that Great idea with the LED lights - might have to try that out.

Toronto furniture said...

Hi. Beautiful carving, really work of art, so as of your little man. The idea of using LED lights is great. I have to try it. I'm always afraid of fire when the candle is burning inside the pumpkin.

Take care,

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