Sunday, August 2, 2009

more from CHA

Spellbinders Booth v1

The Spellbinder’s booth. Beth Pingry and Terre Fry are showing it off for you. :) Amazing how a taped rectangle on the floor can turn into a beautiful booth. (ok, it took a ton of work) The booth is filled with artwork and all the dies in their packages. Kind of like a little store, without the buying. :) Retailers and distributors place their orders at this show. Look for the new dies around the very end of August, beginning of September.

Spellbinders Booth v2

Here is the “front” of the booth. The left side table was for demo-ing the dies and the machine. The right side table was for doing the make and takes.

Spellbinders Booth Personal Artwork

My work has been at CHA before, but to see so much of it was really unbelievable, truly a dream come true! It was so unreal when someone would walk up to you and ask you, “how did they do this?” This is just one spot on the back wall of artwork. Inspiring!!

Spellbinders Booth Personal Artwork Packaging

After getting over the shock of seeing my artwork, I see this. That is the packaging for the new Impressabilities, Circle Cut. And that is my card on the packaging!!!!!!!!!!! There is something that I could have never dreamt about happening, and there it is. I cannot even put into words what it means to me or what it feels like to see that. Unreal.

Dinner at Bubba's v1

After working hard on Monday, we all had a “meeting” at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. Dinner was so yummy and the laughs were plenty. See poor Jerry down at the end? He must really love us all to put up with that many women!! :) (left to right; Karen Taylor, Terre Fry, Tobi Hall, Amy Romano, Stacey Caron, Jerry Poffel)

Dinner at Bubba's v2

Left to right; Holly Simoni, Karen Taylor, Terre Fry, Tobi Hall, Amy Romano)

Heidi and Kazan

Heidi Blankenship and Kazan Clark. ((((HUGS))) Miss you guys already!! :)

Cath and i

Cath Edvalson. So patient with me! *wink*. Cath is the creative editor with Paper Crafts magazine. Her eye for style inspires me on her blog, Moxie Fab World. When I met Cath and Susan at the last CHA, I was so overwhelmed, I barely said two words to them, they must have thought I was a little odd. Can’t wait to see what caught Cath’s eye at this show!!

Susan and i

Susan Opel. Couldn’t ask for a nicer person to be around! Susan is the creative editor from Paper Crafts. Love her style and humor. Same thing with Susan, when I met her last CHA, I was so awe struck, I couldn’t even ask for a photo! :)

Tanisha and i

Tanisha Long. I have known Tanisha for quite sometime now, and to meet her was such a thrill! Amazingly talented scrapbooker and fabulous woman!!

latisha and i

I love getting to meet your online friends, in real life!! Latisha Yost is fun and way too cute, not to mention a great card maker!

Latiasha Nancy and i

One of the Flourishes!! YAY! Here is Nancy Kirk, with Latisha and myself. We both love designing for Flourishes and had fun discussing all the fun birthday plans in store for Flourishes in August! :)

Emilie and i

Emilie Ahern. Uber talented scrapbooker who runs The Scrap Review. She stopped by the booth and did a make and take.

Broni and i

Sweet and lovely Broni Holcombe. We used to be at Color ThrowDown together. She is kind and talented! ((HUGS)) (She calmly leans over, while I am demo-ing, and Bev snaps the photo, so hilarious!!)

Lovely people I had the honor of meeting for the first time; Keri Lee Serika, Julie Masse, Charity Hassel, Kimber McGray, Beverly Nash, Mandy Starner, AJ Otto, Jimmi Mayo, Cambria Turnbow, Joy Kennedy, Sherry Cheever, Bev Gerard, Kitty Caracciolo, Chris Pozzi, Fran from Stampendous, Laura Weed, Lori Roop, Angela Robledo, Jeanne Streiff

Wonderful people that I got to spend time with again; Lynn Mercurio, Debbie Olson, Marianne Walker

More wonderful people I got to see and wave to, but never talk to; Nichole Heady, Dawn McVey, Heather Nichols, Maren Benedict, and Becca Feeken. Sorry ladies, I hope next time!!!

If I forgot anyone, I am terribly sorry!! Please email me asap! :) And if you have more photos, please, please, please email them to me!! :) Things were so busy all the time!!

With all the fun and craziness, I do have to say that the best thing about being gone, was coming home! I missed my little man and my DH terribly. I got huge hugs at the airport (imagine a 3 year old tree frog :)) and a dozen red roses on the kitchen table. Now THAT is worth more than anything and truly makes me one completely blessed woman. thanks for stopping by!


Denise (peanutbee) said...

Oh my word, girl, looks like you had THE best time. You got to meet and hang out with so many great people, and HUGE CONGRATS on your card being featured right on the Spellbinders packaging! HOW TOTALLY COOL!!

Lynn Mercurio said...

Awww...hugs to you, my friend. I look forward to seeing you in Anaheim!

Jennifer Priest said...

Thanks so much for the pics of CHA! So fun! Also congrats on having your projects featured so many places ;)

Latisha said...

How flipping fantastic that your card is on the back of packaging!!! Looks like your trip was fun!! So happy to of met you in person!!

TanishaRenee said...

Hey there girlie, it was so awesome meeting you IRL after idolizing your creations for so long! Hopefully we'll meet again! (((HUGS)))

Anonymous said...


You deserve all the recognition and awards for your work. You are the most creative and talented young lady I know and they are all lucky to have had you there!!! Steph

Geny (Mommy Geny) said...

Looks like you had lots of fun Kim! So cool to see your stuff in the booth huh? I was so excited at the little peaks I have had of the PTI booth with a few of my cards!!! Hugs! said...

Kim, sorry we didn't get time to chat but I know there's always email. It was fun watching you do your thing at the Spellbinders Make and Take tables. Hugs to you!

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