Saturday, July 11, 2009

Places of Inspiration

Blogs You Must See

Spellbinders Design Team:

AJ Otto

Ashley Cannon Newell

Deborah Young

Gina Hanson

Judy Hayes

Julie Overby

Kazan Clark

Kimberly Crawford

Latisha Yoast

Mona Pendleton


Zarah said...

You forgot me!

Just kidding - thanks for sharing! Will check these out! :D

Zarah said...

LOL! Oh hunny! I was just kidding! You crack me up - AND you're too cute!! ♥

Regan said...

you are too need to put yourself at the top of the list

Wendy said...

Hey, I am on there!!! Can I hear a WOOP WOOP! Thanks girl!

Deanna said...

What a great list you pulled together and I am blushing that I am on it! Thx girl!

maria fiscella said...

I love this list (and not just 'cause I'm on it!) Thanks, Kimberly. And I hope you're having a fabulous time at CHA right now. Take lots of pics...yours are the ones I most look forward to seeing each time:)

Christine said...

You're so sweet to put my name on this list. Great collection of links!!! Such talented paper crafters out there.
xoxo, Christine

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