Monday, March 9, 2009

Photos of Las Vegas

I don't have too much to share lately. DS and I are on the couch for day two of not feeling well. So, I thought I would share some photos from our trip to Las Vegas. I will have a card tomorrow, so stop back for the Friends of Flourishes Timeless Tuesday.
The Stratosphere. You ride an elevator to the top. Amazing views! There are two rides on the top as well, a roller coaster and a tilt-o-whirl of sorts. There was no way I would hang off the top of this on a ride!! There was a Starbucks, so we grabbed hot cocoas, sat on a couch, and took in the views. I didn't know that Vegas was surrounded by beautiful mountains.
A view of the North end of the strip.
The Eiffel Tower at Paris.

The Bellagio. Gorgeous.

The water fountain show at the Bellagio. The entire hotel lighting scheme changes with the show. Amazing. Beautiful music as well.

The ceiling in the lobby of the Bellagio.

Inside the Bellagio was a Chinese garden art display. Tremendous works of art, celebrating Chinese traditions.

Mandalay Bay has an aquarium inside of it, with tunnels like this, where the sharks and other fish swim over the top. You can also stand inside a ship wreck, with the floors exposed, so you can see what is swimming under the ship.

The aquarium has wonderful displays, including an Amazon jungle (complete with suffocating steam and heat :)) beginning that has piranha! They are guarded by a staff member at all times because you could stick your hand in there...

This was taken at the garden square of the Venetian. The garden comes to life in a show. There are women on stilts appearing as vines. Their movements are amazing. Then the statues come to life. The visual spectacle of Vegas is something that has to be experienced in person. The scale and size of everything can almost lead you to sensory overload, but it was marvelous!

The gondolas on the canal in the Venetian. The Blue Man Group show was here. They were hilarious! I was crying from laughing so hard. Dry, sarcastic, subtle, and brilliant. You will never look at Peanut Butter Crunch the same again...

The town square in the Venetian. The ceiling was breathtaking! There were perfomers, food, and muscians. The musicians are in traditional clothing. They walk around the casino shopping areas and you can take photos with them. There was a store in the shopping center where you could buy the outfits. I am thankful for jeans and t-shirts! :)
We went to Cirque Du Soleil Love at the Mirage. The show is based on The Beatles music. Another visually overwhelming show! We loved it and sat jaw-dropped for almost 2 hours.

This is New York, New York. It was across the street from the MGM Grand, where we stayed. Can you see the roller coaster? It goes all over the outisde and inside of the casino. The skyline they created was fantastic.
The food court inside was a ton of fun. They re-created Greenwich village. All the restaurants were along these brownstones. The windows were dressed, lights on, birds on the landings, it was remarkable. We ate at a little Mexican place. I had shrimp fajitas, all I can say is yum!

Look at those desserts!! There was a little bakery in New York, New York that had an entire display of intricate desserts. Painted chocolate, gold leafing, exotic flavors, pure creativity. And yes, they were as scrumptious as they look. After I got over the whole, having to break it to eat it thing! :)
Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!


Tracey said...

These are gorgeous pictures girl!! Hope you and your ds are feeling better soon! xx

clouds shadler said...

awesome pics! Funny, we are going to Vegas for spring Break! Can't wait to get there, I've been there twice already but Vegas is unique, never fails to impress. Seems like it was a very good trip!

Clouds :o)

Ink, paper and BLING! said...

I want a delicious tart! Oh my gosh these are great photos!

Tosh said...

Gorgeous photos Kim!! Looks like you saw a lot and had an awesome time!!

wendy said...

You did a great job capturing Vegas. Your night shots are fabulous. I'm a Vegas girl, but I live FAR from the strip thankfully!

maria fiscella said... pics. Hope you feel better soon!

Denise (peanutbee) said...

OMG, I so want to go there someday! I keep bugging DH about it....but no luck so far. Ugh! Beautiful pics. TFS!!

Silke Ledlow said...

WOW - these are awesome pictures!!! Oh I so want to go to Vegas one day!!! TFS

Hope you are feeling better??? Hugs ~S~

Anonymous said...

Wow! Not only are you a super talented paper crafter, but you are also an amazing photographer! Thanks for the mini tour of Vegas!

Diana said...

Wow, great photos!

Latisha said...

Looks like you had an amazing trip! Those desserts look YUMMO! What did you get?

Lou said...

hi there, i'm a new lover of your blog, and so extited to see you've been to vegas, you brought back some amazing sights to me memory from when i went in August, im from England and have never been to the usa before, and found it amazing, we stayed in the venitian, it was amazing! thanks for sharing your pics!!!! Lyndsey

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