Friday, September 14, 2007

These projects all started from fabric. I wanted to use this gorgeous fabric I bought to cover chipboard. First off, it went better than I expected. The fabric has a faux leather top to it, which I think made it easier to cut. I adhered the letters on the layout to the fabric and trimmed, with both my detail scissors and my Exacto knife. The flourishes I traced onto the fabric and then cut. Tons of work, but worth it! I love the way they turned out. Not the greatest layout ever, but the technique is cool.
Then I started looking for paper that would work with the fabric. In my stash, I found this awesome Jen Wilson paper and knew it would work perfectly. I loved it so much, I kept right on going and made cards with the scraps. In fact, I even have two more cards from these scraps that are almost complete.

I was also experimenting with different fabrics for backgrounds. I love the look that people achieve. Seeing them on the screen now, I like the green striped fabric. Maybe this is just an excuse to buy more fabric? Seems like a great way to alter chipboard.


Fletch said...

These are sooooo very pretty!

KardKrazy said...

Great use of patterns and colors here. Love the first card especially as well as your chipboard letters.

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