Thursday, June 15, 2017

how a bracelet changed my view of card making

My sister and I had these bracelets made in memory of our Grandma. While I wanted to share the bracelet because it is so beautiful, more beautiful than I could have imagined, it also tied into card making. The impact of cards, handmade cards, truly struck me as I wore this treasured piece of jewelry for the first time.

This is my Grandma's signature. It is from the last birthday card she sent me. In every card she sent, she wrote, in her own handwriting. She covered every inch of the inside, back, and wherever else she could find room with her stories. Mostly it was about her days and her friends. Sometimes it was about making sure we knew how much she loved us and how much Jesus loves us too. In the last card she sent, she wrote, "I wonder what you think of me as you read this." Gutted as I read it a few weeks back, I thought, I love you so much! You are wonderful and I am so happy to have you in my life! I hope she knew how much I adored her. How much I missed her when we moved away. Those beautiful letters, I took them for granted. I laughed at how she would get a phone call in the middle of writing, tell me about the phone call, and then return to her original story. Each of those handwritten letters is now a treasure. I have realized that sending cards is so important. Phone calls, texts, and emails are great, but nothing, nothing can replace holding her words in my hands. I should have wrote back. I should have written her every week. Now my perspective has changed. I need to mail cards. I need to share a part of myself with those who are special to me. They need to know that they are cherished, today. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. 

As I wear this bracelet, I feel her with me. Her beautiful memory. It will remind me, always.

sending cards each week now,

If you are interested in having a piece of memory jewelry made, my sister and I used Ivory MR on Etsy. Her pieces are absolutely beautiful and completely custom.


donna sherman said...

What a BEAUTIFUL story, Kimberly! It is so touching and so needed!!! Thank you for sharing your heart!!! Hugs

Linda Eterno said...

What a powerful story! And what a wonderful idea to have your grandmother's handwriting etched in the bracelet!

Sandra Schroeder said...

That is such a beautiful memory of your grandma. My mother-in-law used to do the same thing. Her cards and letters were the same...filled with every bit of news she could share with us, and we just lived across town.

Dixie Estrem said...

My mother recently passed away. Sunday I found a card and letter she seen when I was going through a difficult time. Years later, it still brings me comfort.

Kreative Kymona said...

Totally awesome Kimberly!! I love this story and your bracelet. I agree with you writing a letter is so personal. The person is thinking only of you as they write. Great lesson!!

Teresa Doyle said...

This is so beautiful Kimberly. My daughter is a jewellery designer and she makes special pieces as well, like our grandson's little finger prints and I cherish them! There is nothing more special than having those you love most on a piece of jewellery that you can wear! this is so special. TFS!