Monday, June 3, 2019

Backyard Movie Lights - DIY Neon Lights - We R Memory Keepers Big Happy Jig

For the last couple of summers, we have been hosting backyard movie nights at our house. We found an amazing and massive screen and my husband and son put together an amazing sound system! We have tons of friends and families over. We have snacks, visit, and enjoy favorite movies under the stars! Its one of our favorite parts of summer!

I always have a ton of snacks, but once the sun sets and the movie starts, well, its tough to see your way to refill your popcorn! I have tried some other solutions, but none really seemed to work. So, when I got my design team box with the We R Memory Keepers Big Happy Jig and the Neon Wire, I knew that I was going to have a blast creating signs for our movie nights!

The Neon Wire bends easily, just like standard wire. While there are tons of design patterns available, I made my own when it came to this popcorn box! I used two different colors of wire for a very specific reason-the Neon Wire has three different functions! 

Each set of wire has a battery pack that is also a controller. The first setting is steady, the second is a slower blink, and the third is a fast blink. On my popcorn box, I can keep the box steady, but have the popcorn blink! EEEE! SO cute!

After creating my wire shapes, I mounted them to frames and signs that I had in my crafty stash, making it easy to display them. I made two more wire designs, but need to find the perfect backers for them. I cannot wait to get all my signs out!

We had our first backyard movie this past weekend and the signs were a hit! Everyone loved them, and loved that they could see their way to the popcorn as well! I have a full tutorial on the We R Memory Keepers blog. Its full of great tips that you won't want to miss!

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Rebecca Ednie said...

This is AMAZING!! I’m going to have to get this!!

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