Friday, October 21, 2011

photos on Friday

old barn

Happy Friday! Well, as usual, its been a mad house around here! We spent a long 5-day weekend in MN with our families. We had a wonderful visit, including a stay at the waterpark. I am doing testing at school this week with Kindergarten and 1st graders, and Thursday was America Reads! day at school, and I was one of the coordinators. Its great to be involved in school again and put that teaching degree back to use. Not to mention how great it is to see what goes on at the little man’s school and participate in his new world.

Enjoy your weekend! thanks for stopping by!



greengrace said...

Wow Crystal totally amazing house love everything about it! by Theeeeee

Elaine M said...

Oh I love old barns!! Wonderful pic - thanks for sharing

Kathy Martin said...

Spectacular barn and photo! :)

Royal said...

What a beautiful little guy...and I love the Welsh name you have given him! Congratulations to Revathi