Monday, June 15, 2009

winner and the new deck color

The winner is Heather J:
Hi Kim, My lucky number is 13 - it was my HS number for sports and I've just always liked it!Thanks for the continued inspiration.Heather J.
June 13, 2009 1:40 PM
Heather, please email me at the address under my avatar and Congrats!!! And THANK YOU to all of you!! Your number stories and sweet and some of them are just plain uncanny!! Thanks for sharing!! :)

Here it is, the new deck color. We are still waiting for the railing pieces to arrive from Lowe's...I am pretty happy with the color, no, I am totally thrilled!!! :) My body is aching after staining Friday, Saturday, and Sunday however. I did all the staining because I can't build anything, but I can operate a paint brush! :) It seemed only fair to my hard-working hubby. That light fixture is going to be replaced, along with the landscaping from around the front of the house, and I bought some fantastic furniture at Target today! Can't wait until it is completely cured on Wednesday evening! :) thanks for stopping by!


Rox-Ann said...

Wow it is looking great!! You guys have done an awesome job!! I bet you will love it more when you get your railings in. Congrats Heather J!

Jenn said...

The deck looks awesome!!!!

Amber R. said...

Your desk turned out great. You have a very talented husband.

Jennifer Priest said...

Oh how nice!! What a great place that will be for you to relax. It's always sweeter to enjoy when you do the work yourself ;)

Deb said...

Hey there girl! The deck looks awesome! I just wanted to drop in and say hi. I miss you! Hope you are doing well.

Melissa Bickford said...

Oh WOW, Kim...this looks wonderful!! Love, love, love the color.

Think I could hire you and your hubby to help with our deck?! ;-)


lisa808 said...

Congratulations Heather! Enjoy your new goodies.

The deck looks great.