Saturday, January 10, 2009

Celebrating Home Challenge from Flourishes

"Three new stamp sets for Flourishes are fresh off the polymer presses and we're happy to say,this release is one that truly celebrates the different occassions that matter to you - a new home, a birthday, big events. Each stamp set definitely has a "Celebrating Home" flavor. How would you like to win all three of the brand new stamp sets? The challenge is, create a card (using Flourishes stamps or not) that is inspired by something in your home. It could be a color scheme, an item, even a label from something in your kitchen pantry-- ANYTHING! Post a link on the Flourishes Blog and use the key word FLLCRJAN for SCS. You will then be a part of a random drawing. The deadline to enter your card and inspiration photo is Friday, January 16, 5pm EST."

Here is my inspiration piece. These earrings belonged to my great-grandma, Frieda. She was an amazing women. She called me her "sweetie peach" and I can still hear her thick Swedish accent calling me "Kimberly." Growing up I had a lot of opportunity to spend time with her and to this day, I still have very vivid memories. And considering she died when I was 6, she left quite an impression. I have been thinking of her a lot lately. On Christmas Eve we were looking at old photos and found one of Frieda at a young age. My family stopped and said, "you look like her, look at that!" I did. I really did look like her. It was a thrill! These earrings have been in my possession since she died. I keep them in my jewelry box. While browsing through decorating magazines lately, I have noticed the trend back to tarnished brass jewelry with bright jewel tones.I immediately thought of my precious keepsakes.

Not a new card, but I really wanted to share where the inspiration came from when I was making this card. I like the card, but knowing what inspired it, makes it even more special to me.
I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. I will be back later with a fabulous website you must check out and that blog candy I have been promising! :)
thanks for stopping by and listening to my story! I can't wait to see what inspires you in your home!!!


Amy said...

what a touching story Kim! I have some of Doug's grandmother's jewelry that looks just like it. Your card is stunning!

DeeDee said...

What a sweet story behind your lovely card Kim!! GREAT job!! HUGS!!

Rox-Ann said...

Gorgeous card and I love your story what a treasure!

msfreida said...

I,too, have some earrings from my mom that look like these. The ones I have, have screw-on backs...ouch!How did they ever wear them???LOL!

I loved hearing your story...especially your grandmother's name...HEHE! :) It's funny how certain things will bring up a favorite memory. What wonderful links to our past!

Enjoy your weekend!

Julie Koerber said...

Awww! I loved the story Kimberly and seeing just how those vintage earrings inspired you! Your great-grannie is smiling down on you for sure!! :-)

Deanna said...

Shut up... this is stunning! WOW!

Regina Easter said...


Regan said...

gorgeous Kim!!!

stephanie said...

Your creation is beautiful and it is such a lovely story too. =)